I believe in a personal individual education that implores knowledge and conscious to the meaning of what life means and the importance of caring for our planet. The majority of people don’t stop and look around until a problem has interfered in their lives.The respect, the responsibility, the goodness are among other values getting lost and what we are doing with our planet could be the end of civilisation. Technology is a great advance for plenty of things, but for others it is madness. While we waste the money on wars, or on the frivolous part of science, or closer to us, on an uncontrolled consumption, more than 1.000 millions of children live in unacceptable conditions, 24.000 people die every day of hunger, and abuses are at the order of the day. We create the problems and we are the responsible ones to provide solutions. We must wake up our conscious and react; we need a clear mind to make a balance, and the facts we can aboard to change the World are first to be seen and corrected in us, that means a change of attitude.

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